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Annual Fund 2013

Our Annual Fund helps bridge the gap for annual operating expenses and improvement to the facility.  Please read on for information on our current campaign.

We hope you have learned more about the VHCF and why your support is so critical.  Our goal is to be an A+ facility and an integral part of the community.  Like any not-for-profit facility open to the public we make operational dollars but need your philanthropic contributions to grow  and improve help us make the grade!

Help DEFINE the course ahead at the VHCF by making a secure online donation today or by mailing your gift to Annual Fund, 487 Maury River Road, Lexington, VA 24450.



VHCF 101

We want  to say a huge THANK YOU to our 2012 AF donors!  Your gifts make a lasting impact in helping secure a successful future for the VHCF and its facilities.

Fall Donors

Gerald & Maryann Acuff, Nate & Eloise Adams , Joan Alberti, Teresa Aldred, Brent & Brooke Anderson, William Anthony, Terry & Constance Arnett, Jill Ashley, Sharnette Atkinson, Chip Barber, Mr. and Mrs. Bays, Katrina Becker, Donald Black, Suzanne & Neil Blair, The Honorable Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bloxom, William E. Bobbit, Jr., Judy Bonin, James Brown, Stephen Bryant, Frank Buhler, Ted Burrowes, Sharon Cannon & Shadow Fox Farm, Mary Circao, Donald Clark, Marilyn & Michael Conatser, James E. Covington, Mark Coyne, Dr. Charles & Catherine Daniel, Robin Dannels, Elizabeth Donald, Christine  and Rick Drake, Patsy Dubay, Christopher & Theresa Duhring, Del Dwyer, Tami Ely, Sally Feltner, First Bank & Trust Company , Pamela French, Kay D. Frye, Shimizu Furumara, Henley Gabeau, Kim Gall, David Gardner, Ray & Jane Garland, Fred & Mary Gianakouros, Pierce Grove, Julia & Albin Hammond, Hamric & Sheridan - Robby & Beth Jones, Charles & Joyce Hanson, Anne Henderson , Phyllis Hockman, Krista Hodgkin, Amanda Smith Hood, Hilary & John Horn, Susan Icove, Amanda Currie Jones, Mike and Tammy Jones, Robert Joyce, Thomas & Beverly Kalasky, Patricia & Stephen Lemon, Barbara Lindley, Kaija Lindskog in honor of Joe Fargis, Cynthia Lipsitz, Trish Lyons, Edith MacCorkle, Otis Mead, Brenda Melton , Robert & Carol Miller, Angela & Donald Minnick, Mary Morris, Grigg & Cindy Mullen, Ernest M. & Betty Oare, Jewell & Dwight Phelps, Dr. Charles & Marjorie Phillips, R. G. Porter, Anita Ramos, Gail Rezendes, Roanoke Valley Horsemen's Association, Suzanne Rowdon, Jerald & Jean Schaefer, Jane MacCauley Seegar, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Short, Sarah Smith, Milton Spangler, Caroline Stephens, Robert & Susan Strong, Suntrust, Ben Susman, Russell & Linda Sutton, Louise Tardy, David & Laura Thomas, Elsie & Mac Thompson, Swen & Theresa Thompson, Albert Tucker, John & Anne Tucker, Kathy Vance, Lynn & Peter Via, Harry & Sis Warner, Hester Whitcher, Larson Wile, Mr. & Mrs. Neil Wroten,Peta Wyllie, and Mary Lou Yates

Spring Donors

Prudence Anderson, Mary Bailey, Jeanne Binder, The Honorable & Mrs. Robert Bloxom, Wendy Boone-Smith, Kay Briggs, Sarah Burns, Penny Cabell, Charlie Reese Campbell, Mason Carbaugh, Carolyn Chapman, Rebecca Cohen, Katherine Constable, Brian Crockett, Roberta Croll, Diana Cummings, Mary Virginia Currie, Amanda Currie Jones, Robin Dannels, Gretchen DeLong, Charles & Martha Durbin, Jennifer Eccles,  Carrie Ettinger, Rebecca Fass, Dana Guarino-Murphey, Susan Hansen, Alan Hecht, Anne Henderson, Phyllis Hockman, Krista Hodgkin, Cynthia Holbrook, Justine Hryczanuik, Charles & Freda Hylton, Caron Jackson, Owen Jaeger, Cynthia Jones, Barbara Kahle, Patty & Stephen Lemon, James & Donna Mathenia, James G. McMillan, Anne Miller, Fred & Dabney Napolitano, Alison O'Shanick, Elaine Paulson, R. G. Porter, Sarah Redifer, Gail Rezendes, Erica Rozek, Mary Shannon, Preston & Gloria Simmons, Sarah Smith, Jeff and Janet Sterba, Linda & Richard Sutton, Swen Thompson, John & Anne Tucker,  Susannah Via, Tom and Deborah Whelan, Eileen Whitten, Jim &Linda Witzal, Peta Jean Wyllie, and Amy & Jeff York