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Julie Campbell author

“When I started writing The Horse in Virginia, I certainly knew about famous Virginia horses…but I soon learned that Virginia’s horse culture is deep and varied and of great endurance and importance.  And so many strands of that long, rich history come together at the Virginia Horse Center.”

-Julie Campbell, author, Washington and Lee University

The Virginia Horse Center Foundation is a 501(c)(3)not-for-profit competition facility and community resource.  We operate with a two-fold business model: (1) we hold our own events and (2) we rent the facility to outside organizations for their events.

We take in enough revenue from events and sponsorships to pay hard costs but not to improve or expand – the facility or our programs.  Philanthropic gifts to the Virginia Horse Center Foundation support facility improvements, elevate the quality of events, increase programming for adults and youth, and sustain the Center’s community impact.


Recreation.  Education.  Preservation.

Events hosted by the Horse Center generate millions of dollars for our local and state economies including agribusiness.  They contribute to the physical agility and mental health of participants.  Our educational programs teach adults and children the value of good animal husbandry, reducing the incidence of animal abuse and abandonment.  The 600 acres we maintain are important in sustaining Virginia’s rural character and historical heritage. 

Throughout the year, visitors enjoy equine sport, motocross racing, dog agility, strolling the county fair, listening to music, or walking our nature trails.  Not just wood, metal and concrete, the Horse Center is a dynamic organization of people and animals that provides a place to stage the reality of passions—whether it be a passion about animals or the land we love or the existence of a vibrant economy.

Thanks to you, the Virginia Horse Center can actively continue this proud tradition.  All of us on staff value your continued support and look forward to seeing you in the ring, in the stands, on grounds or in town.

Steve Meadows portrait

“Having shown all over the country, we find the Virginia Horse Center to be the most accommodating and professional facility in the United States.  It’s a terrific place to come.  It was built by horsemen, for horsemen.  The footing is very good, the stalls are the safest you will find anywhere, and the staff is professional.  It’s a great place for horse lovers.”

-Steve Meadows, Head Trainer, Hylton Quarter Horses


Why give to the Virginia Horse Center Foundation? Help us to expand and grow.  At a 20-to-1 return on every dollar contributed, well worth the investment.

How can I make a contribution to the Virginia Horse Center Foundation?   Many choices with easy instructions for giving your way. 

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Donovan 540-464-2953 or email at jdonovan@horsecenter.org.  We would enjoy hearing from you.