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Please review the Foundation’s policies to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.  As a result of our multi-purpose facility, being open to the community and public, and by virture of the innate risk of large animal sport, we ask that you adhere to the Foundation's policies while visiting.

VHCF Visitor Policies

  1. Upon arrival at the Virginia Horse Center, all trailers must check in at the Stable Office/Welcome Centter.
  2. A negative Coggins must be provided for every horse brought onto the grounds and turned into the Stable Office (state law).  Horses coming from out of state are required to have a health certificate (federal law).
  3. No smoking in Coliseum or Barns.  This is the law.
  4. Vehicles:  Drive Carefully.  Obey All Traffic Signs.  Speed limits are strictly enforced.  Every vehicle operator must have a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance.  The use of vehicles in the camping areas is restricted to regular roadways for entering and exiting only.  Vehicles are permitted only if operated in a safe manner (this is a Virginia state law), but may not be used in the Coliseum or in the interior of any of the barns.  Four wheelers and ATV’s are not permitted on the VHC grounds.  Non-powered scooters, bicycles, skateboards, in-line skates, heelers (skates in shoes) are not permitted in the Coliseum or the interior of any of the barns.  The VHC reserves the right to prohibit the operation of any vehicle.
  5. Dogs/Pets:  All dogs/pets must have current inoculations for rabies as prescribed by state of residency.  No loose dogs/pets are allowed anywhere on the premises.  All dogs/pets that are not crated must be on a hand-held or tied leash.  Loose dogs/pets will incur a $100 fine.   You must clean up after your dog/pet. No dogs/pets allowed in the Coliseum unless they are on a hand-held leash or are Service Dogs.  No dogs/pets in the Mezzanine (2nd floor of the Coliseum) under any circumstances with the exception of Service Dogs.  We ask that your Service Dog have his or her vest on. 

    Grounds/Parking Areas/Barns/East Complex:  All dogs/pets must be on a hand-held or tied leash.
  6. No trash or sharps in the manure pits.  Sharps should be placed in red boxes in barns.
  7. All stalls must have at least one bale of shavings or straw.  Sawdust is prohibited.  Shavings may be purchased at the Welcome Center (Stable Office).
  8. No lunging in Wiley, Northern, B Ring, the Coliseum and the East Complex.
  9. No overnight horses may be stabled in trailers or tied out.
  10. Horses are not allowed to be ponied behind any moving vehicles.
  11. No vehicles allowed in the barns.
  12. Campers must register at Stable Office/Welcome Center.
  13. Check-In time and Check-Out time subject to show date.
  14. No gray water is to be dumped on the ground.  Sewage arrangements are made through the Stable Office/Welcome Center.
  15. Campfires are not permitted.
  16. Campers must keep their sites clean and dispose of refuse in the receptacles provided.  All campers will be responsible for leaving the campsite as they found it.  Any damage or repairs resulting from negligence shall be the responsibility of the camper.
  17. All central service buildings and other facilities in the campground are for campers’ and exhibitors’ use only.
  18. Firearms and fireworks are not permitted.
  19. No tent, camper, RV or camping equipment shall be left unattended longer than 24 hours without written permission from campground management.
  20. Any loss, theft, accident or disturbance should be reported to the Virginia Horse Center Security.  Lost and Found is located in the Security Office.
  21. Virginia Horse Center management reserves the right to remove from the premises any camper or visitor who is in violation of these rules and regulations.
  22. The Virginia Horse Center shall be held harmless against all claims, costs, losses or liability of every nature and kind asserted against or incurred by camper arising or resulting in any respect from camper’s occupancy and use of premises, and/or visitor and visitor’s use of premises.