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Indoor & Outdoor Facilities

We are proud to offer a wide variety of high-quality facilities for your event.  The index below offers an overview with measurements and footing details.  We encourage you to view the facility map to understand our layout as it pertains to your event or experience.

Reservations and inquiries can be routed to Leigh Anne Claywell, Chief Operating Officer, at laclaywell@horsecenter.org or by calling 540-464-2960.  Facility rental is subject to availability and, with a moving calendar, speaking with our staff is the best way to book your event and answer any questions you may have.

looking towards MooreWiley at nightdressage

Indoor Arenas

Anderson Coliseum, Waldron Arena                
(can seat up to 4,000 people)
150' x 300' ; Clay base/Natural sand mix

Ault Pavilion, Waldron warm-up area              
90’ x 180’; Sand/Clay mix

East Complex, Reel Arena                                      
120’ x 260’ ; Sand/Clay mix

The Big Lonely Barn’s Schooling Ring                
70’ x 180’ ; Sand/Clay mix

Bent Tree Barn’s Schooling Ring                         
64.6’ x 180’ ; Sand/Clay mix

Woods Hill/Henson Schooling Ring                   
64.6’ x 180’ ; Sand/Clay mix

Outdoor Covered Arenas

Moore Arena                                                                
96’ x 220’ ; Sand/Clay mix

Outdoor Arenas

Fletcher Arena                                                          
112’ x 224’ ; Bluestone base/Natural sand

Fletcher Adjacent Schooling                                 
95’ x 160’ ; Bluestone base/Natural sand

Wiley Arena                                                                 
130’ x 300’ ; Kruse Cushion Ride

Northern Arena                                                         
120’ x 260’ ; Bluestone base/Natural sand

South Campground Schooling                            
170’ x 170’ ; Bluestone base/Natural sand

Dressage Arena “A”                                                 
96’ x 250’ ; Kruse Cushion Ride

Dressage Arena “B”                                                 
160’ x 230’ ; Kruse Cushion Ride

Wheeler Arena “C”                                                    
96’ x 250’ ; Bluestone base/Natural sand

Tardy Arena                                                                
90’ x 250’ ; Bluestone base/Natural sand

East Complex Schooling Ring                              
115’ x 145’ ; Bluestone base/Natural sand