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2016-2017 Winter Boarding/Schooling


Winter Board/Schooling


We are currently offering boarding and schooling throughout the winter months. This will be available January 3, 2017 through February 28, 2017. Limited schooling/boarding may be available prior to January. Contact VHC Stable Office for details at 540-464-2966 or stableoffice@horsecenter.org.

Rates                            under 10 horses                     10 or more per horse

Daily                                      $25                                                    $  15.00   

Weekly                                  $100                                                 $  75.00

Monthly                                $300                                                 $250.00

Self-Care Only.    No Full Care or Turnout is available.  Stabling and schooling will be arranged based on our contracted shows needs during this time.


A wavier and current coggins/medical certificate will be required prior to horses coming off the trailer. With prior notice, equipment such as jumps, dressage arena, and access to trails is available.  Ring maintenance will be provided twice daily when needed. Schooling in Anderson Coliseum and cross-country schooling may be available with enough interest but may incur an additional fee or minimum number of participants.

Contact the administration office or stable office to make arrangements at