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Hall of Fame

In 2008, the Virginia Horse Center Foundation established the Hall of Fame to recognize exceptional service to the Foundation and its mission as well as the equine industry and the Rockbridge County community.  Thousands of hours have been waged on behalf of the VHCF since its establishment in 1986.  The Hall of Fame is one lasting way to express the organization’s gratitude for the time, talent, and support provided by these incredible individuals.

Prior to 2007, there were two governing boards that oversaw the Virginia Horse Center.  The Virginia Horse Center Foundation Board was the private board and the Virginia Equine Council Foundation was the publicly appointed board.  You will see "VHCF" and "VECF"  to note specific service.  The descriptions included below are those featured on the commemorative Hall of Fame plaques that can be visited in the Appomattox Mezzanine in the Anderson Coliseum.


The Honorable Howard P. Anderson
Founding Board Member, VHCF 1985-1989, Legislative Advocate

Frank Bierman
First Executive Director & Operations Manager 1985-2003

Thomas C. Bradshaw
Rockbridge Area Committee - to gain approval and establishment of the Virginia Equine Center

H. E. "Buddy" Derrick, Jr.
Rockbridge Area Committee - to gain approval and establishment of the Virginia Equine Center
VHCF & VECF Board Member 2004 - present

Eve D. Fout
VA Land Conservation Champion, VHCF Board Member 1994-2004

Berkley C. Gray, Jr.
Founding Board Member, VECF Board Member 1985-1994

The Honorable Elmon T. Gray
Cornerstone Benefactor, Legislative Advocate

Helen K. Groves
Cornerstone Benefactor, Founding Board Member, VHCF & VECF 1985-1991

Katheryne T. Hundley
First Employee of the VHC, Dedicated Service 1984-1997

Iris O. Mc Neil
Champion of the Virginia Equine Industry

G. Otis Mead III
Rockbridge Area Committee - to gain approval and establishment of the Virginia Equine Center
VHCF & VECF Founding Board Member

Felix J. Neusch
Founding Board Member, VECF Board Member 1985-1994

Ernest M. Oare
VECF Founding Board Member 1985-1989, VHCF Board Member 1996-2003

Nancy S. Peterson
VHCF Board Member 1996-2004

Eldridge A. & Mary Ann Pultz
Cornerstone Benefactors, VHCF Board Member 1994-1996

The Honorable Lacey E. Putney
Champion of VHC Preservation, Legislative Advocate

Sol W. Rawls, Jr.
Founding Board Member, VHCF 1985-1998

Robert M. Reel
VHC Executive Director 1986-2003, "Architect of the Vision"

Clarence L. Tardy
Chairman of the Board, VHCF 1994-2006

Elbert H. & Evelyn J. Waldron
Cornerstone Benefactors, Virginia Horse Center, Virginia Equine Industry

Harry H. Warner
Rockbridge Area Committee - to gain approval and establishment of the Virginia Equine Center

Sallie B. Wheeler
Founding Board Member, VECF 1985-1988


L. Clay Camp
VHCF Board Member 1988-1989; 2003-2009, VECF Board Member 1994-1997; 2004-2007

Louise K. Dooley
Rockbridge Area Committee - Administration & Liaison to gain approval and establishment of the Virginia Equine Center

Veronica Re
First VHC Arabian Horse Show Manager

Roy R. Rotenberry
Founding Board Member, VECF 1985-1993

Fred K. Sarver
Founding Board Member, VECF 1985-1990, VHCF 1996-2005

Jay F. Wilks
Founding Board Member, VECF 1985-1993
Cashvan Pavilion Benefactor


Stephen C. McBroom
VHCF Board President, VHCF Board member 2000-present, Dedicated Leader, Professional Trainer & Horseman

William B. McClung
VHC Legal Counsel, Advisor & Loyal Supporter

Ann Tierney Smith
VHCF Board Member 2000-present, Noted Philanthropist, Professional Horsewoman,
Long Time Supporter

Karen H. Waldron
VHCF Board Member 1990-1994; 2009-2012, VECF Board Member 2003-2004, Noted Philanthropist, Professional Equestrian

The Honorable Ernest H. Williams, Jr.
Early & Long Time Advisor & Lobbyist for the Rockbridge Area Committee and the Virginia Horse Center


William F. & Karen M. Banks
VHCF Board Member 1998-present, VHCF Board Secretary 1999-2007,
Cornerstone Benefactors

Earl W. Bergener, Jr.
Dedicated Chief of Security 1990-present

Letitia E. Haynes
VHCF Board Member 1996-2010, VHCF Board President 2003-2006, Dedicated Leader

Edie MacCorkle
Dedicated Employee 1999-present

Benjamin S. Sawyer
First Operations Employee 1988-present

Deborah A. Work
Dedicated Employee 1996-present


Lloyd L. Craighill
VECF Board Member 1995-2003, VHCF Board Member 2004-present, Devoted and Loyal Supporter

Joe Fargis
Olympian, Advocate, and Horseman

Betty Oare
Champion of the VHCF and Hunter Jumper Community

Dwight C. and Olivia S. Reed
Loyal Friends and Benefactors

Kenneth M. Wheeler, Sr.
Professional Trainer, Horseman, and Benefactor