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Advisory Board

Members of the new Advisory Board represent a vast array of equestrian knowledge and are uniquely equipped to guide the VHC and its leadership on key decisions that will allow the 600-acre facility to continue on its quest to become a world class competition venue.
Advisory Board Members
Karin Banks
Jason & Alisa Berry
Shelby W. Bonnie
Ronnie R. Campbell
Vicky Castegren
Jane Forbes Clark
Jean Clark
Brooks Cushman
Joe Fargis
Frank W. Friedman
Kim Gall
Bernard C. Grigsby, II
Alison Head
Melissa Holland
Lauren B. Kieffer
Walter J. Lee
Patty Lemon
A.W. "Buster" Lewis
Sandy Lilly
Jessica Lohman
Bettina Longaker
Molly T. Moore
Andrew Motion
Donna R. Martin
Melanie L. Mathewes
G. Otis Mead, III
Rob Mish
George H. Morris
Glenn Petty
Cathette Plumer
Celia Rafalko
Joseph T. Samuels, Jr.
Wendy Smith
Donald Stewart, Jr.
Harry H. Warner, Sr.
Owen Weaver
Jim Wolf